Common Appliance Repair Tips:

Dryer Repair Tips:

How long should it take for my clothes to dry?
Most dryers dry a large load of laundry in about 45 minutes. If the load takes significantly more time than that, you may have a clogged vent tubing system. Call us to have one of our technicians to take a look at the problem.
How often should I clean the lint filter?
Every time you dry a load or you may require dryer repair.
What type of vent should I have? Is the white vinyl tubing OK?
All national and local building codes now require metal ducting for clothes dryers. It's ideal to use the stiff (rigid) aluminum tubing pieces. This type of tubing does the best job of resisting the collection of lint in the duct. You can use flexible aluminum ducting instead, though it's far more prone to collecting lint inside. White vinyl ducting is dangerous. It is flammable and, if ignited by the dryer, it may burn and cause a house fire.

Washing Machine Repair Tips:

Is there any routine maintenance needed for my washer?Yes, but it should not be performed by anyone other than professional technicians.
Does my washer really need to be level?
Yes. It is very important for washing machines to be level for proper operation.
How much detergent do I need for each load?
This depends on the hardness of your water and the soil in your clothing. Softened water requires quite a bit less detergent than hard water--yet the more soiled the clothes, the more detergent you need to clean them. See the instructions on the detergent package for specific guidelines. If soap suds remain at the end of the cycle, you are probably using too much detergent.
Which detergent is best?
All modern detergents work quite well. However, some have been tested by consumer magazines--which you can consult--and found to be superior to others. Detergents that produce low suds are best for front-loading washers.
Where does the lint go from my washer?
If your washer doesn�t have a lint filter that you manually clean, the lint goes down the drain. This is usually safe for both city sewers and septic systems.

Range/Stove/Cooktop Repair Tips:

Range Repair: Why are the burners on my gas stove slow to light?
The air holes on the side of the burner that faces the center of the stove may be clogged. They help the pilot or spark igniter to light the gas. Try cleaning the holes with a toothpick.
There is a red glow in my oven, but it isn't heating. Why?
Most modern gas ovens and many broilers use a "glow-bar" style of igniter that glows red-hot to ignite the gas. If the igniter doesn't reach the proper temperature, the gas valve won't open. You may need to replace the igniter.
Oven Repair: How do I use the self-cleaning feature on my oven?
Every self-cleaning oven is different. It's best to consult the owner's manual for the correct procedure for your oven. But often the steps are: Set the Start time for the time you want the cleaning to begin. Set the Stop time to a time 2-3 hours after the start time. Close and latch the oven door. Set the selector switch and/or thermostat to "Clean."
Why won't my clock keep the correct time?
If your clock consistently gains or loses time, you'll have to replace the clock if you want to have the correct time. Such clocks aren't repairable.

Refrigerator Repair Tips:

Refrigerator Repair: Does my refrigerator/freezer need any routine maintenance? Yes. Call us for more information.
Can I put a refrigerator/freezer out in my garage?
Yes. But, if the refrigerator is self-defrosting, don't let the garage temperature drop to much below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the oil becomes thick and causes premature compressor failure.
How full can I pack my freezer?
Full. There is generally no limit to how full it can be. Just take care not to block air vents. For best efficiency, try to keep it at least half full.
Refrigerator Repair: How full can I pack my refrigerator?
Refrigerators work best if they're not packed full, because the air flow becomes restricted, which limits cooling capability.
How cold should my refrigerator/freezer be?
Your refrigerator should be 36 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit and your freezer 0 to 8 degrees.
Refrigerator Repair: Can I change the doors from one side to the other?
Usually, yes. You can reverse the doors on most refrigerators. Consult the owner's manual for your refrigerator/freezer to get the proper instructions. If you no longer have the manual, but do have the model number of your refrigerator, you can order the manual at our parts order center.

Air Conditioner Repair:

AC Repair: How does a window air conditioner work?
Window air conditioners work on exactly the same principles as a refrigerator or dehumidifier. They have a cooling system that refrigerates the air entering the unit. The moisture in the air condenses on the cold coils and drips into the bottom tray of the air conditioner. The warm air in the room is drawn over the evaporator coil, which collect heat. The heat is conducted into a refrigerant gas. The gas is then circulated to the condensing coils on the back of the unit where it is dissipated to the outside.
Air Conditioner Repair: Can I run my air conditioner all year long?
You can run the air conditioner as long as both the outside and inside temperatures are above 60 degrees. If either temperature is too cold, the unit may not function properly.
AC Repair: Are window air conditioners expensive to run?
Yes. They use a considerable amount of electricity. A standard single room air conditioner will cost approximately 7-12 cents per hour to operate. If you run the air conditioner for 8 hours per day it will cost you approximately $24.40 per month at $.10 per kilowatt hour.

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